I have always been interested in storytelling. When choosing a subject to pursue in college, I opted for creative writing and literature for my undergraduate degree at Western Washington University. I obsessively continued learning from the greats by gaining a Masters in Literature at Queen Mary, University of London. When the cinema bug bit me, I pursued film studies at Kings College, and attended the Met Film School in England.

It was there that my mentor, David Gamble (Editor Shakespeare in Love), taught me to edit film. I learned that editing and writing are two different tools of the same outcome. Editing is just as valuable at creating an engaging story as writing and directing. With that passion ignited, I began a ten-year career in film editing.

I am now an award-winning Writer, Director and Editor. My personal projects have played in festivals in the United States, Europe and Australia. Commercials I have cut received praise in Kotaku, IGN, PC Gamer and many other publications. I enjoy Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror storytelling and will continue to put my own voice and visual style on all that I craft.