I have always been interested in storytelling. When choosing a subject to pursue in college, I opted for creative writing and literature for my undergraduate degree at Western Washington University. I obsessively continued to devour books and films, and gained a Masters in Literature at Queen Mary and an MA in Film Studies at King's College. When academia wasn't enough, I attended a one-year intensive filmmaking course at the Met Film School in England.

It was there that my mentor, David Gamble (Editor Shakespeare in Love), taught me to cut film. I learned that editing and writing are two different tools to craft the same thing; they are both used to generate great stories. With that passion ignited, I began a decade+ career in film editing.

I am now an award-winning Writer, Director and Editor. My personal projects have played in festivals in the United States, Europe and Australia. Commercials I have cut received praise in Kotaku, IGN, and PC Gamer. I've had millions tune in and watch television episodes I cut. Best of all, I have had the amazing opportunity to work on three feature films.

I enjoy Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror and continue to look to the sky for inspiration to inject in to my own work.