YouTube star, Becah

Side-B, 2019

Side-B follows the story of a popular YouTuber who returns home for Spring Break, where her videos take a strange turn.
Written and Directed by Vanessa as part of the Nightmare Emporium, 2019. Currently in festival season.

Crypticon 2019, Seatac WA
Bleedingham 2019, Bellingham WA

Starr Mazer, 2015 - 2017

Contributed two years as lead writer for Imagos Softworks' upcoming indie game title: Starr Mazer.
Director of Twitch show, Starr Mazer TV; an in-depth look at the progress of the game in development with members of the team. 

Jock and Yolk, 2014

Director for TOO DX's Wii U game, 'Sportsball'. In the locker room, preparing for a match, Sportsball legend Swift Thornbrooke describes the chaos and majesty of the game. Starring Mahria Zook, and written by Don Thacker, the ad was directed by Vanessa for Imagos Films.



The Mascot, 2013

The Mascot follows the story of a youtube fail mascot who must overcome his past to become the Renton Battling Beaver. Written by Vanessa for the Renton Film Frenzy 48 hour film challenge.



Lay Me Down, 2013

Writer/Director of a short film following one woman on the journey between death and the afterlife. Shot in two days on Capitol Hill in Seattle, this hauntingly beautiful film examines the quiet spaces on the worst days of our lives. Starring Hope Rubinkowski and Jay Myers. Currently in post production.


Red Summer, 2012

Something in the world has gone wrong. 12-year-old Daniel watches as neighbors pack up their possessions and flee their homes. Cable television loses its signal and the internet goes offline. His father is missing, while his mother pretends that everything is fine. Red Summer follows the story of a boy kept in the dark as the end of the world approaches. As his neighborhood crumbles around him, Daniel witnesses the last shreds of humanity disappear and is left with difficult questions and choices.

Written and directed by Vanessa Williams, starring Adam Wilson (Broadchurch, Mr. Selfridge).

Sci-Fi London, England
EMP Sci-Fiction + Fantasy Short Film Festival, Seattle WA
Boston Sci-Fi Film Festival: Honorable Mention, MA
Ithaca International Fantastic Film Festival, NY
Portland Science Fiction Film Festival, OR
Landlocked Film Festival, Iowa City IA
Mt. Hood Film Festival, OR
Local Sightings Film Festival, Seattle WA
Post Alley Film Festival, Seattle WA
WSSN Showcase, Bellingham & Edmonds WA
Tri-City International Fantastic Film Fest (RadCon, Crypticon, DetCon, and TCIF3), WA & MI

Hart, 2009

Hart is a short fantasy film of a young girls coming of age... with antlers.

Shot in London and in the British Wildlife Reserve. Starring Rebecca Herod.

Maelstrom International Fantastic Film Festival: Winner, Best Fantasy Short, Seattle WA
Fantastic Planet, Sydney Australia
Ellensburg Film Festival, WA
Tacoma Film Festival, WA
Local Sightings Film Festival, Seattle WA

Jonah and the Whale, 2007

Jonah is thrown a surprise birthday party at the worst possible time. Dark comedy in the vain of "Better Off Dead", starring Graham Dickson. Music by London synth-pop band, Silent Alliance